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Meet DilyBean

the world’s most exciting adult toys

(and your new best friends)

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Scary Shark and

Shy Monkey…

Scary Shark and Shy Monkey are both a little bit sweet and a little bit naughty, but are always 100% fun. Made from the highest grade of silicone, and 100% waterproof, each toy is not too big (Scary Shark: 103mm long x 35mm wide; Shy Monkey: 102mm long x 30mm wide) and can be used for external and internal stimulation. When connected to its base, each toy has 7 different vibration patterns that increase in intensity with each push of the button. And Dily’s attachment/base concept gives you the ability to exchange your shark/monkey attachment, while utilizing the same base, to experience different sensations.

Who We Are

DilyBean makes the world’s most exciting adult toys, and empowers you to experience new pleasure and fun in life. Why? Because life is short, and we believe that you should always do what YOU want to do. We are here to help you get to know yourself better; help you get to know your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend better; and, most importantly, to bring new fun to your life.  

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What's so special about Dily?

On the outermost layer, we have taken a different approach to our product development (our "toy" offerings, our educational materials, and our tech); but, as you look further into Dily, you will see that just about everything we do is different from those "other guys.” We are here to teach, to help, and to strengthen your relationships (both with others and with yourself). In fact, we are certain that Dily can open up new gateways of confidence throughout your life.


Want to host a Dily party?

We bring the drinks, entertainment, and Dilies. You get the cash.

(must be at least 21 years old)



We are looking for Dily college ambassadors! Want to help? Want a little extra cash in your wallet?

(must be at least 18 years old)

Become an Ambassador

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